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good afternoon

how's it going

Good morning!

Pretty good

And you?

i'm good!

just drinking the morning coffee...
catching up on slack

not very exciting

Sounds good - I’m doing the same, just the afternoon version of it

I’m super excited that we are doing this, and again - sorry for the timing misunderstanding. We want to make this short interview a Screen Shot interview, so hopefully taking our DM chat and posting it

haha no worries

yes that's perfect

cool format!



So, let’s start with an easy one

How would you describe your job to a five year old?

Oh boy

do five year olds know what chrome is? probably right?

Haha let’s assume the know it for now

Probably the same way I describe it to almost everyone... "typing on the computer"

and then if they care, "making a web browser... like chrome... but hopefully better... maybe a little worse in some ways :) "

Like! I feel that when little kids look at all of us it just seems we are non stop typing

typing and clicking... that's the job

and sometimes drawing little rectangles



And, what’s your favorite thing about the internet? And what’s the worst?

lemme think....

I think my favorite thing is how squishy it feels

so much other media -- paper, books, tv -- they behave in a very predictable way

you never know what you're going to get... you can go to one page and get a music video, click a link and end up on a game, click another link and discover the website is gone

it's like being in a city.... lots of doorways and alleyways and little hidden gems that you didn't know were there

and you might come back the next day and they might be totally different

but that's also sorta the worst thing... it's a wild west

predictability and routine and stability can be a good thing

and the internet is not good at those things

I LOVE that. I think the discovery experience of the internet is the most exciting thing in it for me



Next one is less philosophical..

Any useful tool for creators? Or actually any tool you love using

i LOVE tools for creating things on the internet

i've always wanted to make a really novel way to share stuff on the internet

i really like Universe —


because it's a website builder that's much less about TEMPLATES and more about a BLANK CANVAS

Coollll — Dead Simple, Drag & Drop Websites

"mmmm" is a similar one.. havent had the chance to use it, but i love the vibe

Wow nice, super cool creative and design

Glitch: The friendly community where everyone builds the web

I also love Glitch  — the idea is just to make it super easy to create a website using code

everyone assumes that it's hard to code a website, but i think it's actually harder to DEPLOY a website, set up git, all that junk.... i love tools that make things easy without hiding the way things actually work

I have so many new tabs to dive into yayy

I’ll definitely look into all of them

Next one - an inspirational creator you follow on line?

don't know that I can name one, but I love people who seem to think differently about computing

there are people like Neil or Laurent who remix products and aesthetics we're all familiar with into fun new things



or people like geoffrey or rasmus  who think about what computers could be from a more academic / technical angle

I just love that there are people who are just saying, "what else could be?" without worrying about whether it's realistic or can make $$

that was sorta the thinking behind the browser company, honestly... in the beginning, we didn't have any strong ideas about what a new browser should DO or LOOK LIKE — just a strong sense that things could be better, and that to get there, you just need to try making things DIFFERENT first...

SO true. I think when are able to put our creative minds in front, and before the $$ and the business, there are Amazing things we can create

Thanks for the links! Will absolutely follow

enough tabs for you haha ?

Hahhhh yes

Two fun ones to finish

Best place outside of the internet

And the final one - tik tok or twitter?

Prospect Park Alliance

my fave

i grew up nearby and spent so much of my childhood there

it's like... the ideal amount of outdoors. you can get lost in the woods or sit in a huge meadow but you're never more than 20 minutes walk from civilization

Ohhh it looks so nice

Now I want to travel to NY

if you ever come to ny, lmk!



and re: tiktok or twitter — UGH... a few months ago i would say "definitely twitter"

i don't like tiktok honestly

(a) i'm not a video person, and (b) i don't like not having control of what i'm seeing

watching tiktok feels like watching TV — old-school TV where you just had to watch whatever show was on

but twitter also kinda sucks now

Robin Sloan had a fantastic piece on how twitter dying would be, in a lot of ways, a good thing — how it's time for something new on the internet

A year of new avenues

so, in a sense, i don't like either of them... i'm waiting for something new !

Yep…can relate. But HI i saw you on Tik Tok and DMed on twitter. So maybe it’s a potential combo

Haha yes... i am experimenting with tiktok... not sure i'm sold yet

I really liked seeing behind the sense as an Arc user so it was fun

And in that note, I think we covered it all. I’m so happy for the may tabs that was exactly the point!



lmk when it's out!